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Day Trading System — Bestselling
Classic Trading DVD Shows REAL Monitors In Action from the Dot-com Days!
Originally recorded nearly a decade ago, this rough, "guerrilla-style" home video shows how day trading worked back in the
early 2000's... for updated strategies, be sure to see our online course (with newly-recorded video) and my and
Steve Nison's 14-DVD Stock Trading Success System instead. This historical video is being made available in newer
DVD format (originally it had been VHS format), as a service to those who want to see how trading worked many years ago.


Dear Trader,

     Now's your chance to get this special 2-hour version of the bestselling ADVANCED DAY TRADING video - before all the other traders do.   How would you like to peek over my shoulder as I walk you through all of the most important things you need to know, to daytrade and swingtrade stocks?  

    Hailed as an "instant classic", this first-person look at actual day trading monitors in action gives you a birds-eye view of how to trade — revealing all the top active trading signals, shown for the first time ever in closeup "live monitor" video footage.

      After 5 years as our top-selling, most-prized ever
trading video, this day trading "insiders' secret weapon" is now finally available on DVD for the first ever... In two powerful, action-packed thrilling hours, you'll start seeing how it works...:

Finally! After being locked away in Daytrading University's "Video Vault" for nearly two years, you're about to see....


Here's what it's all about:  Join me on what could be the single most important adventure in your trading education ever, in this bestselling fast-paced training that gives you step-by-step active trading strategies..."mechanic's pattern plays" you've never seen before. Until now...

     You'll "look over my shoulder" as I show you how to use advanced chart patterns, "tape reading" time and sales patterns, and Level 2 to trade stocks in realtime, with live charts!

     There's never been a more powerful way to learn how to trade — and now you'll be able to see how it all works for yourself.
    Nearly two full hours in length, this stunningly useful new video covers practical daytrading strategies, and delivers dozens of tactics you can being using to boost your understanding of how to daytrade, faster and more thoroughly than you ever thought possible — in fact...

     It's the perfect "next step" for any trader who wants to sharpen your intraday entry and exit trading skills — all yours in just minutes a day.  No technical mumbo-jumbo; you'll see instead how to trade based on raw, brutally professional price action - simple patterns that'll get you finally excited about trading again.

     Featuring easy-to-understand explanations and running narration of how and why to enter and exit daytrades as the trading chart action happens live onscreen for you to learn from - fast!

    The video camera is always pointed at our 4 NASDAQ daytrading monitors as we show you how to recognize and trade specific patterns and trading opportunities.

      In fact, I'll carefully describe specific trading strategies for you, using LIVE chart patterns, level 2 and time & sales.   Step by step training that works.

     It's just like being in one of my live trading seminars, as you're about to be "shown the ropes" on DVD, as we make realtime trading decisions.  I designed this to be the right kind of training - useful mechanics of how to trade, that you can begin using immediately in your own trades.  

     You'll be thrilled to see dozens of proprietary hands-on "trade walkthroughs" of live simulated trades in action, all "deconstructed" for you and carefully explained  so it all finally makes sense.

      The best part is, it's just like having me there with you, at your side — so you'll unlock years of experience, condensed into two thrilling rollercoaster hours, all now at your fingertips:

                                                 (continues below...)

Here's How To Use These Trading Tips:

     Just imagine - if you could easily change just a few things you think about in your trades, and then change just a few of the signals you use to make your trading entry and exit decisions — just a few — and then you suddenly see a huge potential improvement in your "hit rate" for winning trades...

     Exactly how valuable could that be to your personal trading account?     Not to mention your newfound peace of mind, and how you now feel about trading overall? 

     Well now you can, thanks to all of the revolutionary, advanced day trading tactics you'll be seeing for yourself, as I show it to you.

     What's really astonishing is that... it's so easy to "get" how these useful trading setups and "insider" tactics work, once you see them in action!
     Once you've seen the "pure" technique secrets of experienced intraday traders who knew the exact way to fire off trades... you'll be potentially able to spot these very same patterns for yourself, the next time you're ready to trade.

    And then you can make a more educated, informed decision, with certainty and conviction, as to whether or not your next potential trade makes sense or not.  And the difference is, NOW you'll know what I'd be looking at, and how I'd approach the trade.

So...what's all this got to do with you? Plenty. You see, it's taken me literally years to capture all this knowledge.   

     I've made plenty of losing trades, plus countless winning trades too, as I've taught myself (through painstaking trial and error!), before I 'got it'.....believe me, it's a terrific feeling — and I'll be doing my level best to show you how to "get it", too.  And fast...

      And now it's your turn to put all of what I've learned over so many years of day trading experience to work helping your very next trade, too.   

     It's seeing how each trade works out ahead of each trading entry, that makes all the difference.  And now you're about to see how it works, without the painful, and costly struggling, that it took me to unearth these valuable NASDAQ intraday trading techniques.

So here's what I want to offer you:  There's never been a package like this before in trading instruction.   That's just the truth.   I'm honestly "giving away the farm" here..and.. you can see these amazing, advanced tactics for intraday trading yourself... for a limited time... because I'm finally releasing this on DVD, before it goes back "in the vault".   

     I've gotten a reputation that I guard like a bulldog for "calling it like it is" for thousands of active traders around the world.  

     Unlike others hawking trading systems, we've been featured in CBS Marketwatch,, and countless other respected industry journals - because traders like yourself value us. Thanks for your trust.  I've worked hard to earn (and keep) it.

     Whether you're a day trader looking to boost your skills instantly, or even if you're a swing trader who wants to see how to potentially get the best possible entry fills for your swing trades, this DVD can be a perfect complement to your trading know-how.

     The Advanced Day Trading video system gently takes you by the hand (and the head!) and helps you see specific patterns to look for, to help optimize your trade entries, literally overnight.   It's worth getting - it's just that good.

And you're gonna love this part...

     Here's a handful of video preview clips you're welcome to watch right now, so that you can easily judge the immense value of this package for yourself:

     PLUS - read even more tips below, after you watch these 6 exciting new video preview clips:

You can instantly click on any of the six video clips in this area to watch a sample preview of
the active traders' strategies and trading tactics you'll be learning once you get the complete video:

Introduction and easy-access DVD menu
Using Trailing Stops: 5 point MSTR move in 15 minutes
Opening Breakout Plays: 1 point VERT play in 3 minutes
Master advanced time & sales/tape reading techniques
Using Level 2: DCLK live charts example
PLUS, See Top Chart Patterns for Swing Trades

      So - how did you like those?   Pretty amazing trading footage, huh?   And guess what - those are just the "tip of the iceberg" (just 12 brief minutes) of what you're about to learn when you get your hands on a copy of this step-by-step trading course. 

      This is just a brief, tasty sample of what's packed into the full two-hour DVD you'll be getting rush-shipped to you.   Looking over my shoulder like this is an experience like no other... and now it's your turn to learn:
Here's your chance to sit side by side with me on video, as if you were to look over my shoulder, to hire me for personal coaching.   At a fraction of the price.    You don't have to fly to see me in person, or pay my staggering $1250/hour rate. 
 You can see this in the comfort and privacy of your home or office, on your favorite television or pc's dvd player ... literally work alongside with me step by astonishing step so that you'll learn faster than ever.  This bestselling "day trading seminar in a box" shows you how it's done, all in just 2 easy hours....
Rather than reading all the painstaking technical trading books, taking days of time (or watching useless "talking head" videos like others out there....ugh!)  you'll get your very own front-row seat as you get to see how it's done - because our "over the shoulder cam" footage shows you actual live charts and markets at work.

      I carefully explain what you need to look for the next time you put on a trade, using what's going on in live market charts.  I'ts simply the best way to learn how to day trade... and it can be yours, today:

We Reveal Dozens of These Little-Known Secrets and "Tricks of the Trade"
for the Very First Time Ever in This Revolutionary
NASDAQ Day Trading
Visual "Traders' Playbook on DVD"
It Can Help You Get A Fast "Inside Track" To
Understanding How To Day Trade Our Award-Winning Patterns — QUICKLY!"

"If you trade stocks, you'll enjoy this hands-on video. It shows you many realtime trading strategies in action."

Ken Calhoun, Founder  -  Daytrading University

     Follow along as we carefully take you through the critically important "do's and dont's" in day and swing trading NASDAQ market stocks, using my best, most sought-after trading tactics in motion.

     You'll see plenty of daytrading techniques explained, so you can follow along and learn from the realtime trading charts and patterns onscreen.

     Our goal in producing this video course is to make a live documentary of how we've actually day traded NASDAQ stocks available to the public.

     You will learn the subtleties in bar & candlestick chart patterns, buy and sell signals and "why I wouldn't buy here but a new trader might", "when to jump on this stock", plus exposing market maker tricks that can cost you trading capital, revealed here (yet angering the market makers and specialists - you should see my email inbox!), so you can potentially cash in on solid trade patterns, and avoid bad setups.

     You'll get plenty of practical footage showing you how to identify high-percentage NASDAQ stock trading patterns that you can learn to recognize and trade yourself.

     This video is a hands-on look at live-market paper trading entries in action, designed to help you see "how it's supposed to be done".

     Are you tired of trading videos that are nothing more than taped lectures of basic-level fluff?

     We found that traders instead appreciate our innovative "over-the-shoulder" look, focusing you on learning from live charts and monitors with narrative you'll get in this exclusive Advanced Day Trading video system.

    Traders find it exciting (almost a shock to the system, since it's so unique!)... This is much more interesting than other trading videos, which are simple expo lectures or basic-level newbie fluff taped in boring 'talking head' approaches. 

     And it helps you learn fast - by watching real monitors with live charts and level 2 screens and tapes in motion - not boring overheads or lectures.

     You will learn how
in the Advanced Daytrading videotape - we show you what our trading strategies look like with the charts moving and level 2 in action during the live market sessions that we taped this video in for our explanations. It's just that exciting (and useful)!

     You'll also see all of the trading tips illustrated and explained on the monitors, narrated as we describe trade entries and exits using intraday chart patterns, level 2 and time & sales that you learn from.

     You don't see me talking - instead, you see our real trading monitors, level 2 screens and charts as we are explaining various trading situations, chart patterns and more with live market data.

      It'll help you learn like no other techqnique. No lectures. It's all monitors.

     This practical hands-on style of training is for traders who are looking for an authentic NASDAQ day and swing trading reference video.   It really delivers - Order now!

About your Presenter: Founder of the online Daytrading University, Ken Calhoun is an award-winning internationally published training professional for active traders. His online Daytrading University site reaches over 6100 traders in over 34 countries around the world, and has been a popular resource site for active traders everywhere since it's inception in 1999.  

We've been privileged to have earned the trust of thousands of active traders worldwide.  And now it's your turn...  

  (read on to see how this can help your trading, below...)

The Advanced Day Trading Video Course Is Now Finally Available Again -
Now In DVD Format For the First Time Ever 
After Having Been
Locked Away, Taken Off The Market For Nearly 24 Agonizing Months...
And Now You May Be Curiously Asking One SIMPLE Question:

"OK Ken, I'm Interested -- But Hey, What's the Catch?"
Since This Video Has Been So Popular, And So Genuinely VALUABLE
To Helping The Hundreds of Traders Who've Ordered The Older VHS
Version, Who Cheerfully Paid As Much As $150 Per Trading Video From You,
Why Then Are You Literally GIVING It Away Now...?!"


    I'm putting myself in your shoes here, and asking tough questions.   Because if you're like me, you've probably wasted a lot of money buying junky trading dvds from other vendors. You know the kind - they're practically useless....

     Most trading videos are all theory and "talking head powerpoint lecture" style crap on video that is incompetent at best, criminally negligent at worst (because of all the things they Don't tell you that you really need to know to trade and survive this game).   Ours is much, much different.

    Oh yeah that's right, to get the "good stuff", they want you to pony up thousands of additional dollars for trading bootcamps, mentoring programs and other BS.   And even That's crap. Sigh. What's a trader to do? 

     Let's skip all that.   I've been fortunate enough to earn industry awards, and more importantly, the hard-won trust of active traders around the world because I call it like it is, and don't sugarcoat anything. Nor do I gloss over key points, nor bore you with sleep-inducing theory, unlike other videos.   

     In fact, the Advanced Day Trading video has become so popular with traders it's literally achieved a "cult-like following" since it's launch in May of 2000, and has been a valued cornerstone educational course on video for active traders around the world.  And I thank everyone who's made it a bestseller - because it's truly unique & useful.

     But it's not perfect.   I told you at the start of this message - no BS, right?  That's how I earn trust.

     I'll admit, it's rough, raw, live market footage -- this was me with a camcorder, pointing it straight at my 4 professional trading monitors, as I rapidly tore into chart after chart in the live markets, explaining it as I went.    So it's not "crystal-clear" and sharp.    I'd even say it's a bit rough, and hard to see at times.  But it works.   Why?  

     You see, this was shot in what we'd call "reality cam" mode ... kind of like "guerrilla video" .... it's rough, uncensored, and delivers a rare "insiders" glimpse into the world of a seasoned NASDAQ day trader. You see, my goal was to accurately capture as many useful, genuine techniques as possible -- and then literally cram them into one landmark "how to day trade the market" video to help other traders.
     So, it's not hollywood quality. Then again, hollywood just takes your money and entertains you. This video has the potential to help you trade better. You do the math.   

     Bottom line, this is incredibly valuable material — where else can you get an experienced day trader to help you go through every critical step of your trading entries and exits?   To help you "get over" the stress and frustration you sometimes feel...and to get psyched-up for your next trade, whether it's tomorrow or a week away?
              And yet there's one more thing that's not perfect about the Advanced Day Trading DVD — it was filmed several years ago, after all (produced May 5, 2000).  So the examples are all from when we used fractions, instead of decimal trading.

     Not that it matters at all.   In fact, with decimal trading it's become easier than ever to day trade, because the "spread" (size of the gap between the inside bid and ask) has shrunk to mere pennies.
     So you can rest assured that it'll be more than worthwhile for you to get your hands on a copy — because each of the trading examples, plus the savvy (and the advanced tactics that you can use to trade with Level 2) to help you spot the right chart setups, are timeless, and can help boost your trading skills literally overnight.  

      It's kind of like taking a hot shower after being outside all day — a refreshingly candid, thoroughly useful and practical step-by-step day and swing trading video you'll treasure (and hopefully also make winning trades from!) for years to come.

      Back in the day, when I started day trading, we were lucky to get 60-second fills, and ate anywhere from 1/4 point to 3/8 points of slippage on our trades.   Now you can grab near-instantaneous fills on ARCA within 5-7 seconds, and the spreads are almost always less than a nickel.  

      Easy pickings
, if you know how to trade it.  Plus, you'll get a fast track to seeing how it all works so you can "pick my brain" on video and see what it's taken me literally years to learn.    All delivered on a silver platter for you to devour and put to work helping you improve your trading skills...

      So that's why I'm introducing this bestseller at a stunningly easy-to-afford price point... I want you to get maximum value for minimum bucks - and to be thrilled with the practical "one trader to another" video training you're about to watch.   

      The camera's aimed at the monitors for the entire time, so it's all actual "market mechanics", explained so you can understand what to do the next time you're in a trade.   

     So what I'm trying to say here is, although it's not a perfect video, I'm still sure you'll value it every bit as much as my hundreds of other traders who've grabbed their own copy have.   With me so far?

      Ordering, Made Easy: once you order your Advanced Day Trading DVD, my fulfillment company, Customflix (a division of will rush-ship your video to you within 7 days.   

      It's just that easy - so go ahead and order now, so you can put the revolutionary intraday trading tactics to work helping you potentially trade better, today!

      Take a quick peek below, and briefly read what other traders have said about how much this video system has helped their trading, right here:


Mike B. I want to let you know how much I enjoyed your video

Robert G. Your video of Advanced Day Trading has put it all together.

Jim K. I just watched your video, and want to thank you, it has helped me understand several concepts that I was not picking up reading. In other words watching the screens really helped out in understanding the concepts(the same with the DTU modules)

Frank G. This cassette makes great viewing, bringing everything to life. Keep it up.

Keith K. Your new video is excellent. I watched it twice last night. I hope there are more in the future.

David U. Just finished watching the video tape I received today, It was great !!

Andreas R. The video is great. In about 100 min you gave me the essence of the whole education...thank you very much for this.

Robert B. Hello Ken, Just got the Day Trading video the other day. It's great, it's like one of these Stock books coming alive. This is just what I needed to help propel me further into understanding more of the Day-Trading techniques out there. After reading a few books and then watching the video, it helped put what I have read into reality. It's like " O.k. I see what how that works now" moment. A worthy investment.

Abbas P. Dear Ken, I received the Video tape on friday, I've been watching it over and over. There is so much information that its not possible to absorb all of it the first time. I'm amazed by the wealth $ the extent of information on this tape. ***First class***.

Chad M. Oh, I just wanted to say that I enjoyed your video, and found the information very useful!

Ed B. Dear Ken, I would like to tell you how much I like your website and video. I am extending my 4 mo. tuition to 8 mos. this weekend.

Rob M. Just finished the video for the third time. Good stuff...

Greg P. Love your course and video, by the way. These are helping me become more consistent in the short time I have been using them. Keep up the good work.

David U. Just finished watching the video tape I received today, It was great!...thank you again for great product.

Richard G. Received one copy of your video, great! Nothing like seeing real trading.


Sarah D. I have the video and watch it a least once, sometimes twice a week. It really helps keep things fresh in my mind. Helps me stay on the right track and also helps keep "emotion" out of my trading during the day. I have found it to be my best tool so far.

Michael U. I just bought your video and was able to get quite an education out of it. Thanks for sharing your knowledge. I watch your Advanced Daytrading video almost every week - a lot of valuable lessons in there.

Kendall H. I have found the content very helpful... the tips and techiques you are showing us traders (or is that wanna be traders) comes thru loud and clear.

Tom A. How are things going? I got your video about a month ago and I find it very informative...

Rick P. Every trader should buy this tape. I have been trading for 2 years, full time. Wish I had this tape to start with. Even if experienced traders can get only 1 tip, the tape is worth it. I now believe I am a better trader after viewing your tape. I have watched it several times. Thanks again.

Dave F. Really enjoyed your Advanced day trading tape....I learned some new tricks.

Stan G. Dear Ken,Your advanced day trading video is the best on the market. It's very comprehensive, and the only one with live trading examples. I could not find any of the presented information in any book I have read, and I have read over 32 of them.

Gary C " tremendous training video - a must have training tool"

John W. Your "Advanced Day Trading" video was very helpful. I had several successful trades using the stratagies I learned from the tape. I recently bought a new computer with (2) monitors to enhance my charting capabilities. Keep up the
good work!

UPDATE BONUS: The "Advanced Day Trading DVD" now includes a complete set of newly-recorded downloadable mp3 audio "Quick Start Update" guides designed to modernize the tactics revealed on the video PLUS update all the techniques for the current market.  

It's a powerful way to learn!  The Advanced Day Trading Quickstart Audio Guides help ensure that you'll be "up to speed" with the latest intraday trading tactics for today's markets.

You'll see how to use these strategies quickly, since you'll be able to listen to and download over 41 action-packed minutes of new trading tips and strategies.   To get these, be sure to email us with your order number after you've ordered, and we'll email you back with the download links within 48 hours!

Read what these respected trading industry professionals say about Daytrading University:

"I've recently worked with Ken and I am very impressed with his hands on, professional approach to helping his traders."
"Ken has a real concern for his students' interest and he is great to work with...!"

Knowledge is power-especially in the markets. As the Japanese proverb states, "Learning is like rowing upstream; not to advance is to drop back".

With this in mind, I heartily recommend Ken's site and products as valuable learning resources.

Steve Nison, CMT
Author of Japanese Candlestick Charting Techniques

Steve Nison and Ken Calhoun have even co-produced the popular and systems together, for which they share revenue from. Take a look at video previews for each one and see why they've sold so well.
"Ken, you've put together a very nice website. Your website surpasses all of the other "educational websites" that are online.

You provide a host of real-life, nitty-gritty details in your step-by-step learning modules. Keep up the great work on your website!"

Barry Rudd
Professional Daytrader
Author of Stock Patterns for Daytrading

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     This incredibly useful new DVD can potentially save you bundles of time, effort and money...while it shows you how to trade.    The best part is, you'll be learning as if you were in a private trading "how to" session with me, one-on-one, for a tiny fraction of my regular consulting fee.

     As a matter of fact, if you were to get the knowledge that this DVD reveals in real life, you'd have to either a) attend one of my outrageously expensive trading seminars (which I only do once a year), or b) fly me to wherever you are - plus I've have to charge you for a full day's coaching fee (we're talking $10K+ here) and expenses.

     Through this special exclusive offer, you can get two full hours of practical, over-the-shoulder step by step training captured on DVD so that you can watch and learn over and over for your own trades, all carefully explained in easy-to-follow step by step training.

Best wishes for successful trading,

Ken Calhoun, President
Daytrading University
Note: this item is not currently being offered for sale.


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